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Equality Ohio

In a mission to pass a bill to give equal rights to young trans athletes, we interviewed a girl and her mother to dig deeper into high school sports and their inclusion of trans athletes. This is a window into her life story of her individual experiences and what she hopes to see change in the future.

Read more about Ember and her journey Here

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An Ohio Family:

Freedom For All Americans

A story about a father and son fighting the difficulties that came with transitioning. Being a republican figure in Ohio, Rick and his son Ashton talk about their experiences that they've had to overcome. They hope to make federal legislative change to help fight against the discrimination of LGBTQ people. Starting with the very first Conservatives Against Discrimination roundtable event.

Read more about their ongoing effort Here


The Brown & Sons Mission

Brown and Sons Jewelry

Working together with a Jewelry company based out of Columbus, Ohio, I traveled to Sanibel Island, Florida to document the Red Tide. This video was created to help spread knowledge of the disastrous effects it's had and the destruction of the wildlife and natural environments it has caused.


Donations from every sale went to various non-profits to help clean up coast lines and prevent this toxic algae from further spreading.

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Lead. Impact. Network. Change.

United Way

The members of LINC and United Way Pay tribute to one of their committee members Diana Schrimpf after she announced her retirement. Here they remember her leadership and impact that she had not only on the city but also on their personal lives.

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A series of interviews.

Frazier Financial

For this project we filmed a series of interviews to introduce the members of the team. From the Client Service Assistant to the Tax Advisors. This project was created in order to help you get to know the people that you are trusting with your investments.

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